Many people have similar skin concerns, such as makeup creasing and skin cannot effectively absorb essence or toner. Even though some people pay attention to skincare a lot, they still fail to have clean skin. What is going wrong?

The fundamental answer to all these questions is that your skin needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

To entirely rejuvenate your skin, letting your skin “breathe” is the key. In fact, there is more to talk about facial cleansing. Without enough cleansing will cause clogged pores. However, over-cleansing can damage people’s skin lipid barrier by eliminating natural oils, which sends oil glands into overdrive. Realizing this common problem, HydraFacial, the latest facial cleansing technology, is born. HydraFacial offers cleansing and protection to the skin to battle resulting skin problems caused by various negative factors.

-What is HydraFacial?- 

HydraFacial - SkinBoost

HydraFacial is a patented skincare treatment developed by an American skincare company, HYDRAFACIAL.The treatment is dedicated to exfoliating, extracting, and hydrating. The HydraFacial is a non-invasive hydra-dermabrasion procedure that is suitable for a long-term skincare routine. It is ideal for all skin types and especially gentle with sensitive skin.

The philosophy of HydraFacial is to help promote skin health.  Mainly focusing on restoring skin health, HydraFacial utilized the patented 4 in 1 patented Vortex-Fusion delivery system to exfoliate, extract and hydrate skin, and used in conjunction with the HydraFacial proprietary vacuum technology and serums. As a result, impurities can be easily dislodged and removed while simultaneously delivering hydrating skin solutions. It only takes you 30 minutes to solve skin problems without downtime and pain, including brown spots, dehydration, wrinkles, sensitivity, enlarged pores, and acne. Restoring stratum corneum is the access to healthy skin as it is the top layers of the skin. Clinical validation shows that after 7 HydraFacial treatments, 58% of the healthy stratum corneum layers can be thickened.

-The HydraFacial Phenomenon-


● First non-invasive skincare treatment in the world 

● First microdermabrasion patented technology in the U.S 

● 34 patented technology including Vortex-Fusion vacuum delivery system 

● Conforming to FDA, CE, TGA, CSA, CQC standards 

● Over 20 years of experience and research, go viral in more than 87 countries 

● HydraFacials are performed every 10 seconds worldwide, which is equal to approximately hundreds of millions of treatments are done. 

● Complete HydraFacial treatments combine 3 steps in 30. Each step is performed in conjunction with a combination of exclusive serums. 

● Cleansing, rejuvenating, restoring, nourishing your skin.

-Key Features-

HydraFacial is performed in conjunction with proprietary serums and patented Vortex fusion vacuum technology. It can be customized according to different skin types, areas, needs so that the results are visible and effective.

◎ Enhancement Tips

HydraFacial holds patented spiralized treatment tips equipped with “vortex technology”. The tip is the core of the safety during the treatment. The tip is for single use only to avoid infection. HydraFacial treatment can be equipped with 3 enhancement tips with corresponding serums for personalization.

  • ● Vortex-Exfoliation™ (blue tip)

Activ-4™ serum contains lactic and glycolic acid which deeply cleanses and aids in exfoliating dead skin cells without causing irritation.

  • ● Vortex-Extraction™ Patented (teal tip)

Specifically designed for acne-prone and oily skin, this tip helps alleviate congestion. It quickly and painlessly dislodges remove blackheads, whiteheads.

  • ● Vortex-Fusion™ (clear tip)

This tip releases Antiox+™ serum that can hydrate the skin with nutrient rich solutions.

◎ Proprietary Serums

HydraFacial patented serums are packed with rich hydrating ingredients, antioxidants, and peptides, which are at the same level as renowned skincare brands such as SK2 and Lamer. Compared with basically rubbing serums on faces, the products delivered through this machine had visibly and measurably better results than when they were just applied to the surface.

-How it Works?-

Hydrafacial — Peninsula Dermatology

The secret weapon behind HydraFacial is its exclusive 3 steps that merely take around half an hour in total. Utilizing patented VORTEX technology to cleanse, extract, and hydrate in conjunction with HydraFacial super serums which are made with nourishing ingredients can create an instantly gratifying glow in just 3 steps.

Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 12.17.59 pm.png

Hydrafacial – Top Trend

With careful selection of different serums and skin boosting ingredients, HydraFacial can create radiance and glowing healthy skin, strengthening and building collagen and extracting impurities in an effective yet gentle mean.

-Why is HydraFacial More Pricy Than Other Treatment? –

  • ◎ This treatment is efficiently and conveniently combined with cleansing, hydration, and restoration together within 30 minutes.

  • ◎ HydraFacialhas zero side effects and irritation. Cleansing skin while maintaining skin health is the philosophy of HydraFacial treatment.

  • ◎ Tips are for single use only, so that it cost more to operate a HydraFacial treatment.

  • ◎ Proprietaryserums are utilized during the whole treatment to bring more positive results.

  • ◎ HydraFacial is complementary to other treatments to boost better and more lasting results. People can have injectables, micro-needling, and non-ablative light and laser treatments done safely on the same day.

  • ◎ HydraFacial suitable for everyone and can be performed on all skin types, including susceptible skin.

-What areas of the body can be treated?-

○ T-Zone

Blackheads are an inevitable existence for almost every type of skin. The gentle sucking of the HydraFacial treatment around the T-Zone area helps to clear out any build-up without irritation deeply.

○ Facial Acne

HydraFacial can also be performed to cure serious facial acne and reduce the scars caused by acne.

○ Back

People often neglect their backs, and they can suffer from congestion, spots, and enlarged pores. HydraFacial can go deep and thoroughly soothes and refines the back. 

○ Neck

The neck is often neglected as well. Due to lack of skincare, our necks are often suffering from wrinkles that are caused by dehydration. HydraFacial can also be performed to reduce wrinkles.

○ Hands

It only takes you about 15 minutes to make your hands smooth again with HydraFacial treatment.

○ Lips

This treatment is specifically designed to treat the lip area and is gentle and quick with immediate, noticeable results. This experience can make lips incredibly smooth, amazingly moisturized, and lightly plumped. This treatment is ideal for improving your lips’ condition while also improving the natural color of the lip tissue.

-Conditions and Ideal Candidates Treated-

HydraFacial is basically suitable for any skin, especially for the following.

○ Oily prone skin

○ Dry and uneven tone skin

○ Demodexplagued skin

○ Rosacea

○ Poor skin metabolism

○ Keratosis pilaris

○ Blackheads, large pores, and acne

○ Asians

-HydraFacial is Not Recommended for the Following Conditions-

  •  Hypersensitive skin that is experiencing serious inflammation

  • ○ Pregnant or breast-feeding women

  • ○ Allergic to any ingredient during the whole treatment

-HydraFacial V.S Aqua Peel-

Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 12.44.35 pm.png

● HydraFacial is less harmful to skin

● HydraFacial can provide nutrient to the skin

● HydraFacial can improve the water-oil balance


● What results can I expect from HydraFacial treatment? How many HydraFacial treatments will I need?

The results are immediate, and you will notice a visible improvement to your skin and the smooth results that may last 5 to 7 days or even longer. Ideally, clients should come in for treatment once every two weeks. Once the skin is in a good place, clients can then go on a one HydraFacial treatment maintenance program within 28-45 days.

● Is there any downtime or pain involved?

HydraFacial is an efficient and painless treatment that takes as little as 30 minutes. There is no downtime so that clients can return to their normal activities right after the treatment.

● Will HydraFacialtreatment make your skin thinner?

Opposite from thinner skin, HydraFacial treatment can thicken the skin and build up the skin barrier. 

● Can men get HydraFacial?

Of course. Many guys seek HydraFacial for various cosmetic concerns, including blackheads, clogged pores, rough texture, and acne. Furthermore, HydraFacial can address oily skin that men may experience due to higher testosterone levels.

● Can I stop receiving HydraFacial after few treatments?

Your skin will not get worse once you quit the treatments. However, we strongly suggest you constantly receive the treatment to keep your skin hydrated.

● Anything to be taken care of after receiving HydraFacial?

HydraFacial is a very gentle treatment to improve clients’ skin conditions and achieve radiant, beautiful skin. Since this treatment is non-invasive, there is no need for clients to make major lifestyle changes after the treatment. Do remember to stay hydrated for at least a week after the treatment.


◎ Esteemed & Qualified Aesthetic Doctors

Prime Cosmetic Clinic prides it self with a team of registered, experienced, and esteemed aesthetic doctors, nurses and practitioners, many whom have more than 7 years of applied practice in performing aesthetic treatments. The group of medical professional are recognized by top pharmaceutical companies. The professionalism of medical team at Prime Cosmetic Clinic is evidently indisputable. 

◎ Integrated Service Process & Responsbility System for Safety

Prime Cosmetic Clinic compiles comprehensive client profiles, follows a strict skincare management process, practices aseptic techniques and an integrated service process, has established an all-rounded insurance system and a strict responsibility system for safety. Prime Cosmetic considers medical safety and clients’ rights and benefits to be of utmost importance.

◎ Customized Exclusive Treatment Plan

Preoperative professional VISIA skin test for data analysis, 1v1 private thorough consultation, based on the different needs of the skin, provide personalized exlusive treatment plan. 

◎ Latest & Advanced Medical Devices 

Prime Cosmetic Clinic is cautious of the quality of treatments provided to customers, which is why they only partner with the world’s leading medical and pharmaceutical companies and employ only the latest, safest and most advanced medical devices.



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